Role: Web Developer
Time: 2010

Bigeyebrow was the first agency I ever completed a commercial project for. I met Anil at a networking event, after getting to know each other a bit better we commenced work on our first project.

Smile Radio

A website for an online radio station. You can see my full case study on the project here.

Essentially we built a responsive website – at the time, this was bleeding edge tech.

The site integrated with an online radio station API to allow for the streaming of music recently played song data etc.

Purple Claw

I gave Anil full creative control of the website, trusting he would make something awesome, and he truly excelled himself.
This site was our magnum opus and is packed with lots of little gems.
See the full Purple Claw case study here…


Anil was the brand guardian for Darbar, and he designed the website and mobile website. He introduced me to Darbars Artistic Director, and we went from there.

See the full write up on the Darbar website here.

Anil taught me how to work designers. I learnt how to make a designer's vision translate into a working website. Anil always pushed me to make bleeding edge websites, and I then tried to make these websites a reality while still being accessible, within budget and maintaining Anils artistic styles.

Anil is no longer on the game and works agency side as a creative director.

While hard work and stubborn bloody mindedness played a large part in my success as a freelancer, I owe a lot of my success to Anil. The potential which he saw in me and the opportunities that he gave to me. Something I will always be grateful for.