Bulb Studios

Role: Senior Web Developer
Time: Nov 13 - Mar 15

I started out at Bulb Studios as a Freelancer. I was brought in due to my expertise working on large scale ExpressionEngine websites such as Darbar and Kitchen Range Cookshop.

I hit it off with the Bulb team who made me an offer of a full-time position. After much deliberation, I decided to join them full time.

Large Clients

The first year I spent there was spent almost entirely working on a website for one of the UK's top tourist attractions. Since then I have also had the privilege of working on a project for a legendary UK car manufacturer, amongst other sizeable but unmentionable (NDA!) clients.

Working on projects like this has taught me a lot about working on large scale projects and how you must tailor your service to meet the needs of such a client which are often very different from those of small business owners that I am traditionally used to dealing with. These projects also taught me a lot about coding as Part of larger teams. Code management, versioning and systems of staging and deployment.

Small & Medium Sized Clients

I also had the chance to work with small and medium sized clients. The kind of client that has a reasonable budget to allow you to experiment with bleeding edge tech and making something bespoke.

Micro Clients

The eight years I spent working for myself in he micro business sector was invaluable to Bulb.

I managed a selection of micro-client accounts for the Bulb. Working on implementing systems and workflows that allow micro business who typically wouldn’t be able to afford to work with such a prestigious agency.


Working with Bulb gave me the opportunity to work as part of a large team. The job necessitated tight teamwork, and I had the privilege of working closely with graphic designers, UX designers, the technical director, the creative director and the business owners themselves.

I thrived working with such a large variety of people and learnt vast amounts from everyone who I have worked with at Bulb, allowing me to raise my game as a developer.