Website: Display Mode

A Whiteroom project. Display Mode provides point of purchase display units.

When i joined Whiteroom the website had already been designed. So i had to retrospectively write the functional and technical specifications based upon design and notes taken prior to my arrival.

This is a WordPress build, with a very thorough level of integration.

I am particularly pleased with the Process page which i had to build in the absence of our front-end development team. Take a look at the page (, getting the design transformed into a functional page thats tied into the CMS is one of the more challenging WordPress tasks i have ever undertaken.

Languages & Tech Used

  • JS & jQuery
  • Grunt
  • PHP & WordPress
  • Bootstrap
  • GIT
  • Capistrano
  • Wordpress

My responsibilities on the project

  • Client Liaison & Aftercare
  • Functional & Technical Specification
  • CMS architecture
  • Management and mentoring of developers on the project
  • Front-end development (as required)
  • Server configuration
  • Automated deployment system
  • Wordpress training for client
  • Designer Dev relations

Header Photo by Peter Popham, Design By Martin Lewis.