Agency: Insight

Role: Web Developer & Technical Consultant (Contractor)
Time: Nov 10 - Nov 13

I met Answers to Business when I first started out freelancing before I had my New Walk based studio. Answers to Business are based at the Demontfort Uni Innovation Centre in Leicester and have recently changed their name to Insight Consultancy.


The vast majority of the projects I worked on were Opencart installations. For both retailers and wholesalers.

The Opencart based work was largely themes and unique plugins coded from scratch to the requirements of Answers 2 Business eclectic client base.


WordPress came into its own in the time I was with Answers to Business. It went from micro blogging site to fully fledged CMS.
My work with WordPress included customised plugins, themes from scratch and in-depth working with and modification of code bases belonging to other developers.

Tech Consultation

I consulted in all aspects of web technology, keeping the team up to date with changes and trends in the development world that they might not otherwise have been exposed to.


I worked tightly with the team to help plan and implement work flows.
These workflows acted like a factory production line and allowed us to deliver quality websites in shorter timelines.

Client Facing

As part of my work with Answers to Business, I got to spend a lot of time in client meetings. Talking specifications and options.
I also got to spend quite a bit of time training clients in WordPress and Opencart.

Tight Teamwork

Over the time I was with the guys, I got to work with a selection of amazing team members, including graphic designers, business consultants and marketers.

It was only after I left Answers to Business that I realised just how fundamental it was to the developer I am today.

I consider Inzar & Zakera (the owners) very dear friends and am so very grateful for the time we got to spend together and know there is also the possibility of future collaborations to come.