Website: Iron Giant

Irongiant3D are a 3D printing company who employed Whiterooom for brand and website design.

Browsing the website it becomes apparent it is not your run of the mill website design and as such it was not your run of the mill WordPress installation.

Rows and Patterns

The whole website is made up of pages, those pages are made of rows, those rows are in turn made of patterns.

The client can chose from one of 25 patterns within the CMS, based on this choice the relevant fields are shown to the user for population. The user can then add these patterns to rows and assign those rows to pages.

The whole website is incredibly modular, and any row or pattern could be put on any page. The modular nature gives the client a level of control which is unprecedented in most CMS driven websites.

This project was only possible through fastidious planning and solid team work.

Languages & Tech Used

  • JS & jQuery
  • Grunt
  • PHP & WordPress
  • Bootstrap
  • GIT
  • Capistrano
  • Wordpress

My responsibilities on the project

  • Client Liaison & Aftercare
  • Functional & Technical Specification
  • CMS architecture
  • Management and mentoring of developers on the project
  • Front-end development (as required)
  • Server configuration
  • Automated deployment system
  • Wordpress training for client
  • Designer Dev relations

Header Photo by Peter Popham, Design By Martin Lewis.