Website: Midland Heart 2012 Review

Designed and managed by Be Inspired Films. We worked with the team to create a new way to present Midland Heart’s 2012 annual review.

Heart iPad

Concept & Design

I worked closely with Be Inspired designers through the concept and design stage to make sure everything we were putting forward, was possible with the technology and the budget we had available to us at the time

ExpressionEngine CMS

The unorthodox style of the website leant itself to ExpressionEngine, quickly allowing the client to edit content that was being manipulated in some pretty inventive ways on the front end.
We also made good use of ExpressionEngines built in commenting system and user control module.

HTML5 & jQuery

HTML5 was a massive buzzword when the project was conceived. But it still had relatively low levels of support cross browser and device support. So we used a mashup of HTML5 where possible and then jQuery where we had to.

Awesome Tech

As it was a one-page website I made extensive use of lazy loading, only loading the data we needed when the user requested it.
The whole website maintained is its interactivity right back to Internet Explorer V7

Heart Moble

Responsive Design & Mobile Redirects

Due to the huge amount of data from the site, along with some flashy features that were never going to work on older mobile devices its unique design. It was decided to make the desktop version scale for tablet, but then have a dedicated mobile version of the website. This allowed us to keep loading times down and increase cross-device compatibility.
The Websites Retirement

The website was purpose built for the 2012 annual review and sadly was removed from the web two years later.