A Whiteroom project. We were tasked with revamping the intranet of the NHS Clinical Commission Group (Leicester).

I was heavily involved in the initial pitch and securing of this project. Collaboratively writing the initial tender and then having several meetings with the NHS to work out their exact needs.

After being awarded the project we spent some time in their offices, there were a lot of things we had to work into the functional spec that would not normally be required for a typical web build. Such challenges included;

  • IE8 was the default browser
  • Default screen size was square
  • The Internet in the offices was very slow due to comprehensive firewall
  • Heavily locked down network due to the sensitive nature of the documents on their computers
  • An awkward IT team
  • A very high level of web accessibility required

I wrote the functional and technical spec for this project and then worked even more closely that usual with the designers, to make sure they designed something that looked great but still confirmed to the rigid restrictions that were upon us during this build.

I worked closely with their internal IT team to get the CMS (ExpressionEngine) set up on their prod server.

Unfortunately, I left Whiteroom before the project finished, however, i provided a thorough handover and continued to assist Whiteroom with this build long after my contract ended.

Technology Used

  • JS & jQuery
  • Grunt
  • PHP & ExpressionEngine3
  • Bootstrap
  • GIT
  • Capistrano

My responsibilities on the project

  • Securing the work in the first instance
  • Functional and technical specification
  • CMS architecture
  • Conversing with both client and their internal IT team
  • Management and mentoring of developers on the project
  • Front-end development (when required)
  • Closely working with the designers