Agency: Purple Claw

Role: Web Developer & MD
Time: Jan 10 - Nov 13

Purple Claw was my agency and the trading name that I used in the years that I freelanced and had the studio and staff.

Having worked for myself since leaving education and always on the look out for an opportunity I identified that there were a lot of developers and designers who could churn out websites but had no real first-hand experience in running a business. My small business experience was key, from my point of view at the time; if you can’t run a successful business yourself how can you help others to do the same? From this ideology, Purple Claw was formed.

At the start

Purple Claw was originally just a trading name for me as a Sole Trader while I freelanced and learnt my way around the industry. Extensive networking, building healthy relationships and a never ending torrent of reading and learning focused me on the code side of web design.

Becoming an agency

After deciding to focus on the code, I had a friend from my time as a freelancer whip me up a top notch website, I registered as a company and set about promoting myself as a web developer and web development agency. Targeting my efforts at other agencies and freelancers who needed technical assistance or wanted to outsource work and know it would be done to the highest quality levels.

When an opportunity came up to take an office in the same building as Whiteroom (longtime collaborators and friends), i leapt on this opportunity and set up a studio on Leicester's iconic new walk.

Taking On Staff

The demand for my work soon exceeded my ability to supply. So along with Whiteroom we sourced and interviewed a junior developer (Neelam Khan) who split her time between Purple Claw and Whiteroom.
Between myself and Whiterooms lead developer, we spent a lot of time training Neelam up and it truly paid dividends. She took to her work and became a highly valuable asset to our companies.

Continuing To Grow

I started to focus on building strong relationships with agencies looking to outsource. But also worked on projects for local business’s and Arts organisations.

Winding Up

It was in a quite patch I found myself freelancing at Bulb Studios, working on a website for one of the UK's top tourist attractions (a magical studio tour ).

Bulb had asked me on more than one occasion if I would consider joining their team full time and after much deliberation decided to Join them in the summer of 2013.

Neelam went to work for Whiteroom full time, I settled into my role at Bulb and wound Purple Claw up.