Rotherwood Group

Role: Technical Direction & Web Development
Time: April 16 - Ongoing

Rotherwood own a chain of care homes within the UK.

I work with Rotherwood to help them manage their digital assets, consult on all matters digital and provide solutions to ensure high standards and efficiency across the business.

A huge part of my work here has been to reduce the dependency Rotherwood have on third-party website developers. This is achieved by bringing their web development in-house, implementing open source technology (which developers can easily be found for), fastidious documentation and carefully choosing workflows that none developers can be trained to use.

WordPress Management

I managed the team that originally built the Rotherwood Group websites. When Rotherwood took the sites in-house and I facilitated this transition. Switching the sites from shared hosting and Capistrano based deployments, to Digital Ocean VPS, with Laravel Envoyer based deployments.

All websites have a local, staging, production workflow. I wrote scripts for backing up data, moving assets and moving databases between the different stages. These deployment scripts can be triggered via a web admin panel, that anybody can be trained to use.

Healthcare Intranet System

I also spec'd and work upon a Laravel based intranet system (Matron). Currently, the system is used for documentation generation, to ensure documents across all homes in the group are consistent.

The Atlassian suite (Hipchat, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence) is used to manage projects.