Rotherwood Healthcare

Rotherwood Healthcare is a luxury range of care homes. I first worked with the brand during my time at Whiteroom, where I planned and oversaw the build of the project

The website is built on WordPress.

From a user perspective, the website and accompanying backend are easy to use and navigate. From a Dev perspective, this is one the most ambitious WordPress installations I have curated to date.

Rotherwood owns many care homes, each requiring it's on presence on the web. However, we didn’t want to go down the route of a WordPress multisite, instead with carefully planned architecture and intelligent use of WordPress built-in features we were able to build it as a single WordPress installation.

Helpers were created so the client can add additional care homes without developer assistance. The taxonomies, post types and pages required are all automatically created by said helpers.

The build of the website was managed using Jira. I led the project and was one of the three developers who were working on it.

Post Whiteroom

When Whiteroom closed, Rotherwood asked me to help them bring the Healthcare websites in house and to assist in reducing their dependency on third party suppliers for web projects.

As part of this, i got to revisit the project, make enhancements to the code base, improve the websites performance, refactor code and re-examine every part of the workflow.

The website has a local, staging, prod server setup. The website is deployed via Laravel Envoyer, which means anybody trained to do so can log into a web portal and deploy the site without the assistance of a developer. This means 0 downtime and tight quality control.

Tech Stack

  • JS & jQuery
  • WordPress & PHP
  • Grunt
  • Laravel Forge & Envoyer
  • Atlassian Suite (Jira, Confluence, Hipchat, Bitbucket)

My Responsibilities

  • Functional and technical specifications
  • Leading the dev team that initially coded the project
  • Working as a full stack developer on the project.
  • Server management, automated deployment setup
  • Leading the general technical direction of the website and functionality