SEO is not quantum physics

It occurred to me recently the enormous amount of SEO con artists I have met over the years.

‘SEO experts’ who have little knowledge of the web and its intricacies. ‘SEO experts’ who are not involved in the curation of the internet, won’t influence, nor particularly care about the future of the web. ‘SEO experts’ who, with the use of buzzwords and hype that they don’t truly understand, make SEO sound like quantum physics when it is in fact very simple.

Google has spent billions – billions – making sure that the people who rise to the top of the search engines are the people with the best content and who are best at what they do – not the company who has the biggest SEO budget.

The real truth about ranking well

If you want to appear in the top search results for your keywords, there are three things your need to do.

1) Have a well built and fast website that is optimised from the outset
2) Create content that people genuinely want to read
3) Be the very best you can be

A couple of years back I wrote a document; Getting started with SEO. As a freelancer many of my clients had great success just following the guidance in this document, without ever having to pay an SEO specialist.

While SEO is common sense, it can be hard work and who likes hard work? So when a charismatic man (or woman) offers to fix your SEO problems for a small fee, it can seem like a very tempting offer. But don’t fall into their trap!

(Most) SEO guys are like a hybrid of double glazing salesmen and vampires. Hang the garlic, grip your crucifix and don’t invite them into your home; build an impressive business and higher Google rankings will come.

SEO is common sense; it is not Quantum Physics.

Edd Smith

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