Spectre; how the latest James Bond demonstrates the danger of mass surveillance

The latest James Bond film inadvertently highlights the biggest problem with the mass surveillance plans put forward by world governments in recent weeks.

Put aside personal privacy, put aside the cost, put aside the impracticalities, but aside the fact that legislation or not, internet providers and software makers will likely never conform, put aside the rhetoric and put aside the fact terrorists tend to be fairly smart people who will always find a way to communicate anonymously; let’s assume the powers that be get their way and take this to its logical extreme.

In the Spectre the character Q hacks the mass surveillance system and saves the day; take that bad guys! There in lays the problem.

A mass surveillance system would be a HUGE target for those who wish to do us harm.

If we were to have a mass surveillance system; when it gets hacked. When that data becomes compromised by someone with impure intentions, whom will save us then?...certainly not Mr Bond or his quarter master.

So, we thwart some terrorist attacks in the short term. But in the long run, the implications of a hack on a mass surveillance system are by far, much more terrifying.

The chances of getting caught up in a terrorist attack are incredibly slim. The possibility of a mass surveillance system being hacked is extremely high. Individual members of the public would be far more secure without a mass surveillance system.

Edd Smith

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