TATA International

During my time at Rok Creative, i was able to lead a large Wordpress Build for Tata International.

The website was a complex, multilingual WordPress Build, with a lot of content.

The site was built in an 'Agile like' fashion, planning and working in sprints. Managed by Jira. I spent half my day leading the development of the project and the rest of the day working with the dev team to code it.

This website was an excellent example of how robust process and careful planning can lead to a smooth running project. Thorough technical and functional specifications were written, and development then carried out. Hitting all deadlines along the way.

As part of this process I had regular contact with the client and worked closely with the Rok account management team.

When Rok Creative was purchased in 2016, I decided to move on. Which sadly meant I did not get to see the project through to completion, however, thorough handover notes as well the paper trail in Confluence and JIRA meant I was able to give a detailed handover.

Technology Used

  • JS & jQuery
  • Grunt
  • PHP & WordPress
  • Bootstrap
  • GIT & Gitflow
  • Capistrano

Methodologies Used

  • Agile
  • Mobile First

My responsibilities on the project

  • Functional and technical specification
  • CMS architecture
  • Conversing with the client and their internal IT team
  • Overseeing the project development
  • Full stack development