Treating staff poorly is not sustainable.

Over the last year, some big name agencies in Leicester and the midlands have gone bust. Or, have had large staff lay offs.

The names of the agencies in question are in inconsequential. But the way they treated their staff is not.

Agencies that contract their staff 9-5, but expect them their at least 8-6 lest they get hauled over the coals. That's without the regular mandatory and unpaid overtime.

Promising staff promotions and pay rises in return for loyalty. Which staff can never take advantage, of because they are so burnt out in twelve months that they have to move on. Then the cycle repeats. Just different names and faces.

I have always been vocal about agencies that operate like this. It is one of the singular biggest problems with our industry. The impact of which permeates outwards, have a notable social impact.

With the industry shrinking in Leicester and the midlands. It leads me to muse if there's just not room for this kind of business model anymore?

There are many successful digital agencies. Digital agencies where the staff are treated well. Where they occupy beautiful offices. Where they have good working hours and where they directors are still very wealthy.

So why do people do it? In my experience power games and megalomania.

The ends must justify the means. I do not believe in a just world. And while I would not lightly wish ill upon anyone, it does make me grin a little see the perpetrators come undone. While agencies who look after their staff seem to be expanding.

Edd Smith

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