Untitled CRM

Over the years I created and maintained my own CRM system. It has taken many forms and evolved with me over the years.

At its essence, the CRM acts as a heads up system for all of my leads, prospects, and clients. People get added as leads and using the CRM, the goal is to convert them into prospects and in turn clients.

The CRM integrates with social networks, allows the taking of notes, the setting of tasks, etc. - giving me all the information I need to look after my existing clients, as well as chase the new ones.

V1 - The Initial Build 2013-15

Initially, the project was built in Codeigniter. In this guise, I used the system throughout my time working at Purple Claw.

V2 - Laravel From Scratch 2015

I started rebuilding the CRM with the intention of releasing it to a mainstream audience. I built a subscription from scratch making using of Laravel Cashier and the Stripe API.

The project was shelved when I joined Rok Creative as their Technical Director as this took up all the energy I had for coding.

V3 - Laravel, with Laravel Spark

In 2016 I started rebuilding the CRM again, doing away with the custom built membership system and replacing it with Laravel Spark.

I am currently in the process of refactoring the API and social network integrations from the original Codeigniter based CRM; the API's have changed quite a bit since I wrote the code in 2013.