Website: Warner Brothers Studio Tour London

Initially Bulb Studios brought me in as a freelancer to consult and kick off the build of the website for the Warner Brothers Studio tour London. After a short contract, Bulb offered me a full-time job allowing me to see the project through to completion.

The website was planned and spec'd in its entirety before I joined.

I was responsible for leading the front end build of the project. However members of staff responsible for the backend build of the website left the company during the build, and I had to step in to fill gaps here too.

The site was extremely ambitious. With advanced design and functionality spec'd. But with high levels of cross-browser and device compatibility required. The project went on for nearly a year and a lot of this time went on ensuring pixel perfect rendering across many, many different devices, tablets and browsers.

Apart from front end development, i also visited the Studio Tour on multiple occasions to provide training to different members of the staff.