Role: Technical Director & Web Developer
Time: Mar 15 - Dec 15

When I joined Whiteroom I was charged with heading up the development team. A team with very little process and a lot of technical debt.

I introduced GIT for version control, Capistrano for automated deployment (bye bye FTP), multi-stage development environments, reusable boilerplates, bug tracking (Jira), agile methodology, functional specifications, technical specifications, security best practices and reliable, adaptable processes and protocols for each and every stage of a project.

These processes and protocols allowed us to minimise human error, write better code, keep clients happy and ultimately have made substantial increases in the businesses profitability.

Coding was part of my everyday duties. Although I spent a lot of my time planning projects, setting the foundation, before briefing and managing junior members of the team and our trusty bank of freelancers and contractors.

I worked with clients at every level: being involved in initial meetings, writing functional and technical specs, overseeing the build of a project right through to launch and aftercare. This was all greatly aided by the aforementioned processes and protocol.

I am very proud of the work I did at Whiteroom; my contributions allowed us to win bigger projects and increased profitability of the company. In every sense, I was a director. My time at Whiteroom was brief but fantastic and a part of my career I will always remember with a BIG grin.