Why i gave up my spangly website and moved to Ghost

Recently I decided to give up my spangly super nice website and blog and move all the content to Ghost, using no more than the default Ghost theme with some slight tweaks and enhancements.

When making this decision, I asked myself "Why do people come to my site", I came up with the following

  • They want to see projects I have worked on
  • They want to see agencies I have worked for
  • They have found relevant blog content through Google.
  • Just sh*t out of luck (I mean who wants to read my ramblings anyway!?!)

In all these instances, could I deliver this content in a more simple way? Do the people visiting care about how slick the mobile menu is, how pretty the page was or what my latest tweet has been? I have a portfolio stuffed full of things like that so do I really need to puff my chest out and display it on my blog?

Content is king; people come to the site for the content. In moving to Ghost, i have decided to get away from everything but the content; and occasionally a pretty header image.

The result is a website that is infinitely faster and more efficient than a Wordpress build could ever be...even a really, really optimised WordPress build.

I spend my working life maintaining websites and servers (and that's freaking awesome), but do I really want to spend my evenings and weekends doing that on my site too?; Nah!

Edd Smith

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