Agency: Rok Creative

Joining Rok, I inherited a HUGE pile of legacy projects. They were all in different languages, some of which I had never worked with before (eg »

Website: NHS CCG Leicester

A Whiteroom project. We were tasked with revamping the intranet of the NHS Clinical Commission Group (Leicester). I was heavily involved in the initial pitch and »

Website: Vanderweele

Vanderweele is a Multilingual WordPress installation. Every single string on the website is translatable. This product was unusual in that I got to write nearly all »

Websites: Rotherwood Group

Rotherwood Healthcare is a luxury range of care homes. Whiterooom were employed to make websites for these homes. From a user perspective, the CMS is easy »

Website: Iron Giant

Irongiant3D are a 3D printing company who employed Whiterooom for brand and website design. Browsing the website it becomes apparent it is not your run of »

Website: Display Mode

A Whiteroom project. Display Mode provides point of purchase display units. When i joined Whiteroom the website had already been designed. So i had to retrospectively »

Why I Quit Facebook

Three months ago I quit Facebook. More often than not, friends and family are unimpressed by this and suggested I should rethink. However after three months »